Thursday, 30 October 2008


Two builders talk on the scaffolding. I listen as I walk towards Hammersmith.

"Yeah... I saw skanky Joe."
"No, not skanky Joe. Skanky Paul."

How many skanky people do you have to know to get them mixed up?

Tuesday, 28 October 2008


Tuesday is the new Sunday. Oh yes.

I spent the weekend in Bristol. Meeting AM in a bar after far too long an absence, we gossip and exclaim disbelief at how strange it is, how alien to be drinking in our university city. The attack of his warm, delighted hug is just as I remember.

As I stumbled from the train earlier in the afternoon, bleary from afternoon drinks in London, I text a friend; Just arrived. Feels like coming home.

Beautiful moments; emo kids perched like crows against the rounded wall of the building by the river; carrot cake and a stolen crossword; that extra hour on Sunday, and shy amazement at quite how wonderful some people can be.

Thursday, 23 October 2008


I'm ignoring this in October, too.

Update on Sunday. Promise. I even have something approaching gossip.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

the answer to your unasked question

It seems September is the month I ignore my blog. Hurrah! For you, I mean. I should write more. Apart from all that beneficial release-of-emotion nonsense, it may help with the glitter-eyed dream about being published.

Anyway. Where have I been, you might say. Or! You might not! It is a crazy world, this one in which we live. You get an answer anyway. I have been:

moving in -
falling off chairs on my first day of law school - failing to get the job [yes I know it sucks, move on, move on]- making Norwegian boys in nightclubs really quite cross - getting a slightly rubbish haircut by mistake - writing letters - tripping over my own feet in aerobics - leaving my Oyster card at home multiple times causing much RAGE - and various other things.

In conclusion; somewhere in the ether of equity and contract and tort (I know what that means now! Eight thousand pounds WELL SPENT) I will get back to writing.