Friday, 23 October 2009


As my friend PC puts his feelings about the BNP's appearance on Question Time last night: 'They're wankers. We knew that.' He thinks we should all go and do something other than twitter about it.

He's right, but a little late. Why did anyone even watch Nick Griffin last night? If you know he's a fascist, and you don't agree with it, why even give his opinions the time of day? I'm all for free speech but you're just as free to choose what you listen to.

The best thing anyone can possibly do now is use their vote against the BNP. Vote Lib Dem, if you must (sorry, boyfriend). Watching Nick Griffin defend racism is hardly anything to feel smug and informed about.

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Charlie said...

Why do people watch police shows? Because they like to watch idiots who flout simple laws get what they deserve. You can be fairly sure that 70%+ of the people who watched Griffin last night did it solely to see what an arse he made of himself. Well, I should say what MORE of an arse he made of himself.