Friday, 23 May 2008

shoes! or: why I should not buy fashion magazines

Yes. Yes, I know every woman in the world is entranced by shoes. It's a common disease. I don't claim to have it any worse, though my illness is quite specific; I lust after the most ridiculous of high heels, over shoes that would cause a stripper to think twice. I am 5'3" in bare feet, so I feel 5" and over is quite justifiable.

River Island currently have some astounding yellow peep toes with a hidden platform and an ankle strap. Generally I avoid things that require buckling, and I have a really stupid reason for this so I'm not going to tell you, but these are something quite special. They're sold out online in every size but a 7. It's a serious problem. I might die without them.

I was going to tell you about my other current obsession (Indiana Jones) but he deserves a post all to himself. The film, it was good. Although quite why nobody learnt from the moan-inducing direness of the last Star Wars trilogy and let George Lucas write the story is beyond me. As I say, that's for another post.

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