Tuesday, 6 May 2008


Broke an eight minute mile today. Would be nice to do two in a row. Wildly unlikely. As I finished it today I laughed, well, I made a noise through the sweat and heavy breathing that may be described as happy. I think I'm prouder of how far I've pushed myself with the fitness than the stupid degree. I'm by no means excelling at either, but I do enjoy the weary smugness post-gym so very much.

I won't miss the TV in the gym that they tune to this bricklaying infomercial. It's totally inexplicable. The ten minute ad for some kind of spangly new building equipment plays over and over and over. I was distracted today by an endlessly homoerotic Take That video on the screen next to the bricks. Bare clammy British arses at nine am. Yuck.

Totally procrastinating. Have an essay to finish. Predict late night rush tomorrow.

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