Monday, 27 April 2009


I went to buy lined paper today, for revision season is upon us.

As I left the shop, a man came up to me; tall, black, hot.
He wanted to tell me I was the prettiest girl he'd seen in two weeks.

Precision aside (bizarre), I smile and say thank you, because, well, he isn't a weird Hispanic bloke.
"I'm moving to America tomorrow" he continues; "I work in the adult film industry."
I got propositioned for a porn job in WH Smiths.

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Amanda Wing Yee said...

i told you that was your calling, didn't i? remember our future career plans if all things fail? you and me roadtripping all through the states where you shag one man from every state and i document and analyse the experience and make it into an instant socio-adult documentary.

now you have an in. i hope you asked for his business card. xx